Through Looking Glass… at Victor Harbor, Adelaide, Australia.

“Loving life in the Spring. Sports in the Summer. Music in the Winter. Never make it, even once… in the Autumn. In the Four Seasons, make it happen. Absolutely it could.”

Inspired by Anna, Nicol David , Vivaldi and Lewis Carroll.

Every picture tell a story. That Bunny… I Si Bunny itu… is story telling based on pictures script dialogue about the author quest to reach out her favorite athlete, a professional Squash player Nicol Davidnickname Bunny. The author decided to write a script how she suddenly fall down the Bunny hole and Squash sport while she is a “die hard fan” of Rowing and Archery. This script dialogue as an attempt to get her attention hoping that the author be able to meet her in person, someday and try to show the support in every tournament/competition that Bunny is competing. The author never meet that Bunny in a real life or even in a dream and… never play Squash for her entire life.

All the script dialogue is based on author imagination or memories or real life, and belong solely and only by the author and do not represent Nicol David or people, institutions, organizations mentions in this dialogue conversation. Please read full disclaimer on the blog homepage for more detail.