Ciudad de Floridablanca: Semi-Finals: 10th Mar 2017

PSA World Tour, Woman Squash Open 8-11 Mar 2017.


Pic Credit: PSA World Tour. Result:
[2] Nicol David (MAS) beats [3] Alison Waters (ENG) 3-1: 8-11, 11-9, 11-6, 11-2 (49m)

Malaysia time: 22.15 pm

All conversation interview is made up solely based on my imagination. Views on my own.

Me: Hi Nicol David, nice to meet you. I’m Noor, smiling.

Nicol: Nice to meet you too, shaking hand.

Me: I watch you semi-final game at PSA live score and you win it. You make through final this World Open. How do you feel?

Nicol: Oh, i am so happy that i get through final. You can read my real comment in this PSA World Tour website, smiling.

Me: Thats good for you. By the way, look at your performances and consistencies in quarter final in Tournament of Champions and Windy City Open and now final in Ciudad de Floridablanca tomorrow, based on my view, i think you will gonna win this Woman Squash Open.

Nicol: Oh, thank you so much. I hope too., smiling.

Me: Okay Nicol, that’s all for tonight. Thank you very much. It’s very great pleasure to have you here.

Nicol: Your welcome… Emm that’s all?, she raise her eyebrows.

Me: Yes, that’s all. I don’t know what to ask anymore. I’m not a journalist or reporter, (head scratching). I am just a fan, you know. You know a fan? A fan that we hold with our hand and move our hand up and down to flow the air to cool our face if it’s hot, ya?, i said with innocent face.

Nicol: Oh, that fan…, laughing.

Me: Grinning, so see you tomorrow in final match.

Nicol: Ya, see you then, smiling.

I watch Nicol waving before she walking away to her place ready for the final match tomorrow.

“All The Best Nicol”