Ciudad de Floridablanca: Final Match: 11 Mar 2017. That Bunny Won.

Woman Squash Open, 8-11 Mar 2017

Nicol David is the 2017 Ciudad de Floridablanca Champion. That Bunny won… as i expected. She is the Champion. I am so happy. Congratulation to Nicol David and Olivia Blacthford. You guys are amazing. By the way… That Crystal Throphy is so Crystal! (grinning).

Pic credit: PSA World Tour, Nicol David (L) and Olivia Blacthford (R) with their throphy.
Pic credit: PSA World Tour. Look at that happy face. Result final: Nicol David beats Olivia Blatchford. 3-0: 11-3, 11-4, 11-8 (70m)

12.00 PM, Malaysia Time.

All conversation interview is made up solely based on my imagination. Views on my own.

I’m walking towards to that Bunny… But the fan crowds gathering around to congratulate her, the reporters and media busy with their coverage going on here and there.

I think i will approach her later, when the crowds are not… so crowd.

Waiting for few hours… okay, there are less people now here. I walking to her and greet her with smiling.

Me: Hi Nicol! Remember me yesterday? The fan who was interview you last night, smiling.(refer to previous post)

Nicol: Yes, i remember you, you are the fan, smiling (she’s doing holding a hand fan gestures and move it up and down).

Me: Ya… It’s me. You have good memory, though.

Nicol: Oh really? Hmm maybe. Maybe it’s because i have to memorize all the skills and technics in the training, to strive in this sport, i think that’s why., smiling.

Me: Ya… It’s been almost 30 years since you hold your first racquet at the age of 5.

Nicol: Yes. It’s tough but i love this sport so much, i hardly let go this lovely sport. It’s part of my life until i’m growing old, laughing.

Me: Ya, i bet you are. So, you are the Champion in this PSA Floridablanca. How do you feel about this win?

Nicol: Oh, i am so happy to win this title. I can’t believe that i win it for the first time at this prestigious PSA Ciudad de Floridablanca, Colombia after Hong Kong Open in 2015. I feel like i want to jump right now!, laughing happily.

Me: So.. why don’t you? Just jump! You are happy, show it., i said sincerely.

Nicol: Oh! i can’t jumping here, there are so many people. If i do that, they will watch me jumping. No, thank you, really.  I feel so embarrassed if i do that. I will jumping on my bed later, laughing.

Me: Hahaha, okay. As you wish. So that’s all. I’ll catch you later in British Open 10 days from now, ya? Thank you for you time.

Nicol: Yes, thank you for having me too, smiling. See you later… errr wait! That’s all? You’ve only asked 3 questions, with wondering face.

Me: Ya. What should i ask? I don’t know what to ask. I’m not a reporter or journalist, scratching head. I am just a fan (refer to previous post), with innocent face (blank face).

Nicol: Oh! That fan again, laughing hard this time. Okay, i’ll buy that.

Me: Ya, you should accept my reason because i’m just… a fan, grinning.

Nicol: Okay, a fan. See you in the British Open. (She do the hand fan movement again, with a smile)

Me: Okay, see you… Oh wait Nicol! Because you are the winner tonight, i want to give you a treat.  I think, i’ll buy you a teh tarik (chai latte) special from Malaysia. I know you love teh tarik, and most Malaysian love teh tarik too!

Nicol: Oh, how sweet of you. Errr… but how can you bring that drink to me? It’s far… miles away!, with wondering face.

Me: Oh! Don’t worry okay? It’s easy! I’ll use Doraemon Anywhere Door to Malaysia straight away. Thanks to Fujiko F. Fujio for invented this gadget. It’s really handy, grinning.  Hold on a second… (i take out something in my jeans pocket). Okay, wait here! It’s just take a few minutes.

Pic credit: Imagine Immortality. Anywhere Door.


Pic credit: Doraemon Manga Wiki. Doraemon and Friends.

Nicol: … (speechless)

A few later.

Me: Okay, there you go! (I give her a cup of hot teh tarik  freshly from Malaysia).

Nicol: Err… (pause). I don’t expected that happen, laughing.

Me: Don’t worry. It just happened!, grinning.

Nicol: So… (still surprised) thank you for this teh tarik, it’s really good!, smiling.

Me: Ya. No worries. It’s taste good right? Okay Nicol, what a great pleasure to meet you here. It’s getting late night. You should have some rest.  So… enjoy you drink and see you at the Wimbledon of Squash, and all the best!, smiling.

Nicol: Yes. See you there, waving. Thank you so much, smiling while showing the cup.

I walking to the Anywhere Door, enter it, waving at her, close it and disappear in a blink of an eye.

“Congratulation Nicol. You are the Champion, again!”

The End.

Ciudad de Floridablanca: Semi-Finals: 10th Mar 2017

PSA World Tour, Woman Squash Open 8-11 Mar 2017.


Pic Credit: PSA World Tour. Result:
[2] Nicol David (MAS) beats [3] Alison Waters (ENG) 3-1: 8-11, 11-9, 11-6, 11-2 (49m)

Malaysia time: 22.15 pm

All conversation interview is made up solely based on my imagination. Views on my own.

Me: Hi Nicol David, nice to meet you. I’m Noor, smiling.

Nicol: Nice to meet you too, shaking hand.

Me: I watch you semi-final game at PSA live score and you win it. You make through final this World Open. How do you feel?

Nicol: Oh, i am so happy that i get through final. You can read my real comment in this PSA World Tour website, smiling.

Me: Thats good for you. By the way, look at your performances and consistencies in quarter final in Tournament of Champions and Windy City Open and now final in Ciudad de Floridablanca tomorrow, based on my view, i think you will gonna win this Woman Squash Open.

Nicol: Oh, thank you so much. I hope too., smiling.

Me: Okay Nicol, that’s all for tonight. Thank you very much. It’s very great pleasure to have you here.

Nicol: Your welcome… Emm that’s all?, she raise her eyebrows.

Me: Yes, that’s all. I don’t know what to ask anymore. I’m not a journalist or reporter, (head scratching). I am just a fan, you know. You know a fan? A fan that we hold with our hand and move our hand up and down to flow the air to cool our face if it’s hot, ya?, i said with innocent face.

Nicol: Oh, that fan…, laughing.

Me: Grinning, so see you tomorrow in final match.

Nicol: Ya, see you then, smiling.

I watch Nicol waving before she walking away to her place ready for the final match tomorrow.

“All The Best Nicol”